Renderings FAQ

A: Visit our Rendering Quote page and fill out the form for your rendering. Once you submit an order for a rendering we reply to you with cost, time frame, and how to pay. Once you have paid you will be placed in line with current orders. Once we finish your order we will email you a proof for you to approve/make changes to. We then make any changes and show you another proof and if your satisfied with the completed project we will email you over a printable file along with a smaller web file for emails, social media, etc.

None of our design services are free.

A: Short answer is no, there are many details we need to know about a rendering, we will not take an order for a rendering over the phone. Your welcome to call us and ask questions about how the process works or anything you want, but you will still be directed to our order form on our site to order. This ensures I don’t take down info incorrectly or leave off info. The form ensures that your order details are correct. The form requires no skill to fill out, its cut and dry questions and can be completed in probably less than 2-3 minutes. On any one given day we may be dealing with around 10 renderings, so to make it easier for us and to make sure we get your order right is the reason for
the order form.

A: Yes, we can. We will bill for our time before we do any changes to a previously completed rendering.

Typically we are at least 2-4 weeks out year round on design work. Our schedule always fluctuates so it could be different depending on the time you order.  We do offer rush service upgrades if your needing a proof quickly.

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